In 2024, the Grand Highlander can only be bought with one type of internal combustion engine. Engine chamber of the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Toyota

There's no doubt that electric cars are the way of the future, and many people are proud that they picked cars that are good for the environment. Your back is

protected by the new Toyota Grand Highlander, which only comes with one internal combustion engine (ICE) setup

The other two are hybrid versions of powertrains. The first mix has two electric motors and a fourcylinder

engine that can hold 2.5 liters of fuel. Also, this mix gets the best gas mileage. A 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and an

electric motor work together in the second engine, which is called the Hybrid MAX engine, to make an amazing 362 horsepower. Toyota has never made a compact SUV with this much power before