Since the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander was introduced, the number of rows in Toyota's portfolio has been

balanced, and today there are three three-row SUVs to choose from. Along with the full-size Sequoia, smaller  Highlander, and Grand Highlander, Toyota also offers the Sienna minivan.

gives customers access to a lineup of vehicles. The Grand Highlander is, in my opinion, the finest. When 2024

In comparison to the cramped seats in the full-size Toyota Sequoia, the Grand Highlander fixes the problems of the smaller Highlander and offers a more practical layout. The third row is roomier, and it's larger, broader, and

higher overall. Beyond those, there are more differences. There are six different Highlander categories, but the Grand Highlander is

is offered in only three different trim levels. It steers buyers in the direction of higher features, but  to a higher price. Not only that, but it has the most powerful Hybrid Max powertrain of any Highlander now on the market. Furthermore, it resembles a refined Highlander more so than the ordinary one.