Toyota currently has three three-row SUVs, matching the number of rows in their portfolio, with the debut of the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander. Toyota added the Sienna minivan to its Grand Highlander, smaller Highlander, and full-size Sequoia models.

provides a family of vehicles for automobile purchasers. I believe the Grand Highlander is the greatest. The 2024

The Grand Highlander addresses the problems of the smaller Highlander and offers more practical seating than

the compromised configuration offered in the bigger full-size Toyota Sequoia. It's larger, broader, and higher,

with a more roomy third row. There are more distinctions than that. In contrast to the Highlander's six grades, the Grand Highlander is

offered in just three trim levels. It directs users to greater features, but  It also costs extra. Furthermore, it is the only Highlander equipped with the most powerful Hybrid Max powertrain. Furthermore, it has a more exquisite aspect than the average Highlander.