It's not quite right to say that the Grand Highlander was made to cross the Amazon or climb mountains; it was more geared toward school runs and public transportation.

Getting around cities and towns. It was made so that the Grand Highlander could be used in cities. Because Toyota is known for making capable off-road cars, this 2024 model includes some of the technology that has

helped the company earn that name.  giving their company a name that makes other businesses jealous. Every Grand Highlander model comes with

all-wheel drive, even if you don't choose to add it.  You can drive it with either a gas or electric engine. This is true no matter which model you choose. With the

new Multi-Terrain select modes, drivers can pick between normal, mud and sand, snow, rock and dirt, and mud and sand. In difficult situations, this will help them do their jobs better. You will also be able to use normal

modes. It says that the Grand Highlander 2024 has an 8-inch ground clearance.  a certain amount of rough trails can be navigated. For instance, it can drive on rough ground.