There are a lot of different three-row family SUVs to choose from in the US. Which one of these does work best

for you? The Toyota Highlander is one of the most durable cars in this class. It has a wide range of strong and

fuel-efficient engines, a roomy interior, and a model line-up that is packed with technology. The CX-90,

Mazda's newest three-row SUV, goes up against all the big names in this market. It takes the place of the CX-9

crossover and claims to offer a lot of features, more comfort, and better performance. But could it beat the Highlander in a one-on-one fight? Bryan from the Bros FOURR Speed YouTube channel tests these two

Japanese three-row family SUVs against each other to see which one is the better buy. He looks at each one's engine options, how useful and roomy the inside is, and the technology that's available to see which one wins.