Numerous three-row family SUVs are on the market in the United States. Still, which one do you find most

useful? The Toyota Highlander is a legendary example of a vehicle in this class. The newest three-row SUV

from Mazda, the CX-90, takes on all the big players in this market with its spacious cabin, technologically

advanced models, and good variety of powerful and fuel-efficient engines. As the replacement for the CX-9 crossover, it has a multitude of amenities, more luxury, and exceptional performance. Would it be able to defeat

the Highlander in a head-to-head match? Brian from the Bros FOURR Speed YouTube channel compares and

contrasts these two Japanese three-row family SUVs to find out which one is the better value. To find out which one is best, he compares their engine options, interior size, practicality, and available technology.