The most significant differences between the latest iteration and its predecessor can be identified in the domain of aesthetics. Due to the adoption of a more sophisticated approach, a number of showy elements have been eliminated

The wings and extensions contribute to the overall streamlined appearance of the design. Even though there are those who

While some individuals may still prefer the more potent FK8, the FL5 has already garnered positive reviews from Honda enthusiasts, which indicates that this meticulously planned redesign was the right choice.

However, things are not all that dissimilar beneath the bonnet. Enthusiasts will be greeted by a distinctive red rocker cover upon raising the bonnet,

while the engine will be a K20C1. This Moreover, the turbocharged inline-4 outperforms the competition by 9 horsepower and 15 lb-ft of torque

preceding model, but perhaps more substantially, its overall weight is 33 pounds less. Even though they are minor adjustments, do they have a significant effect on performance when considered collectively?