Prokop's depiction of a widebody Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is remarkably accurate. He completes it with a rear end, shortens the wheelbase, and adds a hatchback compartment.

wing that exudes performance from a distance. In all honesty, the wings on this Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat give it the appearance of a Civic Type R. In addition to its aesthetic value, this wing features a distinctive front

splitter that provides additional downforce. Consider the Dodge Charger as a physically powered electric sporty sedan.Assuming how many

Dodge entering a new market segment would not be out of place, given the trend toward industry expansion. Two Illustrative instances include

the Mach-E SUV, which the Mustang introduced to the electric vehicle market, and the forthcoming Vette-focused line from Corvette. Considering that Dodge is currently offering Charger variants

with two and four doors, a hot hatch is not entirely implausible. While the Charger's compact cargo and limited rear seating may deter some families, it is a powerful hatchback