Toyota introduced the Highlander, a durable midsize SUV, in 2001. It performs satisfactorily overall. That is not what my review of the Grand Highlander is like. I anticipated.

Nothing more than what the Highlander has always provided: a solid SUV that gets the job done, until my editor suggested we assess the Grand Highlander. However, the Grand Highlander is a whole new vehicle that truly

puts the "grand" in Highlander. It's a little bigger, or grander, and you'll notice that each offer various possibilities as you scroll.

Go over the feature list. The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max Platinum is the top  This week, I'm focusing on the Grand Highlander trim level. With three rows

To remain competitive in the hybrid SUV market, this hybrid SUV must have enough seats to accommodate a big family while also maintaining decent fuel efficiency. Naturally, I would drive the Grand Highlander every day for a week to evaluate its comfort, interior size, and fuel efficiency.

efficiency. At the end of the test, I'll give you my final opinion on whether this $58,475 SUV is worth the money or if you'd be better off with a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Mazda CX-90.