Because of its unique positioning, the Toyota Grand Highlander has less competition than other automobiles in its class. When I reviewed the Toyota Tundra, I had to compare it against a huge number of trucks, but the Grand Highlander's main hybrid competitors that offer comparable room are the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the

Mazda CX-90. These three hybrid SUVs are offered as spacious people movers that can seat bigger families while yet providing competitive fuel efficiency. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe is the SUV that truly competes with the Grand Highlander—and even wins some of them. Jeep has put the Grand Cherokee in plug-in hybrid

mode, putting our 4xe platform squarely in competition with the Grand Highlander. In compared to the Grand Highlander, the Grand Cherokee feels younger and more fashionable, with maybe more flare in its interior and

external design. Despite Jeep's renowned reputation for (lack of) reliability—the polar opposite of Toyota's

claim to be the most reliable—it is not the superior SUV. Although the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe has a high

starting price of $60,000, it is not much different from the Grand Highlander Hybrid Max on value. Thus, performance, comfort, technology, and, of course, dependability are critical considerations.