The Tesla Model X 2023 is a futuristic, electric SUV with no emissions. Falcon-wing doors and a panoramic windshield differentiate this car. A huge infotainment display is a standout feature of minimalist interior design

This 17-inch touchscreen is fast and boasts clear graphics. You can play movies and games on it while parked outside. Most vehicle

activities are under its supervision. Other standard features include a three-zone controlled climate management system

and an 8-inch rear seat touchscreen. Performance is one of the Model X's greatest strengths. A standstill to 60 mph takes 3.3 seconds

for the base all-wheel-drive variant. The three-motor Plaid trim's 1,020 horsepower does this in under 2.5 seconds

The Model X has a 348-mile range and a sophisticated autopilot system that can steer, stop, and change lanes.