In terms of aesthetics, the most noticeable changes between the latest FK8 and its predecessor are perhaps best seen there. With a more measured strategy, a number of ostentatious

the design's wings and flares, making it look more streamlined. Although there are individuals who opt for the powerful FK8, the FL5 has already garnered rave

reviews from Honda fans, indicating that this thoughtful redesign was the right call. But there isn't much of a change behind the hood. When fans open the

hood, they'll see the instantly identifiable red rocker cover, and the power will come from a K20C1. It has turbocharged

inline-4 makes nine more horsepower and fifteen more pound-feet of torque than the earlier model, but more importantly

it has a total weight reduction of 33 pounds. I get that they are little tweaks, but will they add up to much of a difference in overall performance?