It may be pushing too hard, but it provides the overcrowded class of drab three-row crossover SUVs a  Sharper edge. The upper grille widens like a bull's nose, and the bottom grille expands.

Poutily to the corners. The crossover's general look does not complement the intimidating initial impression. A bulge on the body goes along the sides, swooping up over the rear fender and across the rocker panels after the

lower front wheel. If it wasn't the same angle as the Sienna, sliding doors be damned, it may stand out even more. Internally, the siblings emphasize

Innovative storage alternatives, such as a smartphone passenger shelf over the glove box. Both versions include beautiful bronze highlights on the dash and console, but the Grand Highlander is more contemporary, with an open bridge console for greater storage and

an electronic gear shifter that takes up far less space than the Highlander's mechanical shifter. Unlike the Highlander, the Grand Highlander's 12.3-inch touchscreen

It fits in more perfectly with the console and dash, making it less noticeable as an aftermarket item. The Highlander's wireless smartphone charging pad is more easily accessible beneath the vents than the Grand Highlander's, which is tucked between the console and the center stack.