We've achieved saturation in this section. The Toyota Highlander has a distinguishing trait that may make it more enticing than a fully equipped Mazda CX-90: its price! With the exception of the Kia Telluride, all of these other mid-size three-row SUVs have much higher starting prices and less technology. According to Good

Car Bad Car, the Toyota Highlander will be the best-selling mid-size SUV in 2022, having sold over 200,000 units countrywide. Quality, style, and, of course, Toyota's famous heritage are the primary reasons why customers return.

Its third row, with its single top latch, may not be human-sized, but it's certainly spacious enough for small children who don't require car seats, and you may use it for a few years until your children outgrow it. Then, for

a little additional space, maybe it's time to upgrade to the Grand Highlander! Another fantastic feature of the

Highlander is its hybrid drivetrain, which has an EPA combined rating of 35 miles per gallon and does not

require a plug. Overall, the Toyota Highlander blends an attractive parent exterior design with even more impressive parent-friendly interior amenities.