Toyota has been making very capable and competitive sport utility vehicles (SUVs) for decades, all the way

back to the first Land Cruiser models. The company is used to making such high-quality cars, so it shouldn't be

a surprise that Toyota has a wide range of SUVs in 2023, including compact, full-size, and focus models. The

Grand Highlander is the newest entry to this group of sport utility vehicles (SUVs). In the past of this market

area, there has never been a time when there was more competition than there is now. This is bad news for Toyota and the Grand Highlander, but good news for buyers. Chevy, Buick, and Jeep are just a few of the

American car companies that have recently released versions of the Toyota Grand Highlander to fight with Toyota for customers. So, how do these American names compare to each other in the big picture?