The Highlander, a trustworthy mid-size SUV, was introduced by Toyota in 2001. In general, everything works fine. My impression of the Grand Highlander is quite different from that. I was expecting

I was unsurprised when my editor brought up the necessity to evaluate the Grand Highlander since it continues to offer the same decent SUV that gets the job done as the Highlander has always done. However, the Grand

Highlander is a whole new model that redefines the term "Grand" in Highlander. It's a little larger, and as you scroll down, you'll see that they each have different choices.

in order to access the features. Hybrid Max Platinum 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander, the pinnacle  These days I'm thinking about the Grand Highlander trim level, which has three rows of

This hybrid SUV has to be able to seat more people while yet getting decent gas mileage if it wants to be

competitive in the hybrid SUV market. To test the Grand Highlander's ride quality, interior room, and gas mileage, I would, of course, put it through its paces every day for a week.