Toyota Grand Highlander rivalry is mild in comparison to other categories due to the vehicle's unique positioning. When I reviewed the Toyota Tundra, I had to compare it against a lot of vehicles. However, if you're looking for a hybrid that offers spaciousness equal to the Grand Highlander, the Jeep Grand Cherokee

and the Mazda CX-90 are your main competitors. You can obtain competitive fuel efficiency in one of these three hybrid SUVs while still fitting a big family into its spacious interior. Jeep has upgraded the Grand Cherokee to a plug-in hybrid system, putting our 4xe platform in direct combat with the Grand Highlander. This

makes the Grand Cherokee 4xe the SUV that not only competes with but also outperforms the Grand Highlander. The Grand Cherokee has a more youthful and fashionable vibe than the Grand Highlander, and its external and interior design arguably have more flare. But it doesn't make Jeep the better SUV, given its

infamous reputation for (non)reliability, which is the polar opposite of Toyota's assertion that it is the most

dependable. Despite its lofty starting price of $60,000, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe is essentially worth around

the same as the Grand Highlander Hybrid Max. Consequently, what matters most are reliability, technology, comfort, and performance.