In recent times, a multitude of Dodge vehicles, encompassing the Charger, Challenger, and Ram TRX, boast sent out "last call" notifications, implying that the Hellcat's dominance on the track is coming to a close. Still, you can look forward to a return of the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat in

Thus, the Hellcat's style will remain chic until at least 2024. The Hellcat name will live on in Dodge, albeit maybe not in the Charger. The new Dodge Charger Hellcat HEMI V8 delivers even more powerful sounds

while fans may want for the growlier ones. The Hellcat engine will supposedly be replaced by the Banshee EV powertrain, according to Dodge. To achieve peak performance, this 800-

The ideal range for an all-wheel-drive electric vehicle's powertrain is 850 to 900 horsepower. Even

For those who prefer their Dodges with a bit more power without going overboard, there are 400-volt versions

that are still capable of producing over 400 horsepower