On the show This vs. That, the Hoonigans race cars of all makes and models in 1,000-foot drag races. In one episode of "This" corner, a Dodge Viper was shown in

Hole in the wall. Although it is owned by Robert Magna, this blue sports automobile is not the same Viper that was defeated.

in opposition to an unassuming 1996 Ford Bronco XLT SUV. Bringing an 8.0-liter normally aspirated engine with a NOS boost to

the contest, the 3,420-pound Viper is an upgraded version of the more contemporary 2002 model. A fresh coat of blue paint

complemented the white stripes. From what we can see in the footage, the Viper's back wheels are powered by a 455 horsepower engine

transfer case with six gears. The Borla exhaust system offers the Viper a rapid appearance and a fantastic sound.