Though it goes beyond, it adds a touch of flair to the oversaturated market for boring three-row crossover SUVs  cleaner profile. A bull's snout shape characterizes the top grille, which reaches lower on the vehicle.

all the way to the edges. Its entire elegance clashes with the terrifying first impression. A protrusion from the body follows the contours of the vehicle, rising over the back bumper and across the rocker panels just below

the front axle. Sliding doors be damned, it would stand out more if it weren't the same take on the Sienna. Within, the offspring place an emphasis

As an example, there is a passenger shelf that can hold a smartphone that is located over the glove box. Despite the beautiful bronze highlights on both models' dashboards and consoles, the Grand Highlander has a more contemporary design and offers greater storage space thanks to its open bridge console.

a gear shifter that is both electrical and significantly more compact than the mechanical one seen in the Highlander. The Grand Highlander's 12.3-inch touchscreen is larger than that of the Highlander

looks less like a replacement part and more like an integral part of the dashboard and console. Underneath the vents, the Highlander's wireless smartphone charging pad is more conveniently located than the one in the Grand Highlander, which is squeezed between the console and center stack.